Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Separation Anxiety and will it go away by itself?
Separation anxiety is a phobia of being alone, which causes a fear reaction.
Each dog will be different and can show signs in many ways. some of the signs are quite obvious: panting, barking, howling, destructive behaviour and toileting in the house when left alone, but other signs are sublte and can often go unnoticed: lip licking, yawning, alert, pacing, head turns, scratching/itching, fast movement, fly catching, spinning and the physiological signs will be increased heart and respiration rates.

Separation anxiety is a phobia and a fear and is something that will not get better on its own, and often it tends to get worse.  Every time your dog is left alone, your dog will go into that panic state.
This floods the brain with stress chemicals and inhibits learning, which means your dog will never be able to learn that being left alone is safe.

Do you offer in person training?
Yes I do, in person training will be available to you once you have purchased and completed one of my online training package. My online packages are fully supported and coached by myself, this enables you to become an expert with the foundations of the training, which can then be progressed further if you want to become more advanced with it. 

How does the online training work?
It all starts with the intiial consulation meeting via Teams. I send you an invitation via email and you simply join the invite. It is as simple as that. The initial consultation is where I gather lots of important and useful information which will determine your starting point with your training. Step one of your training plan will be shared with you, along with training videos and relevant handouts, over the course of the package, you will send me videos of your training to be reviewed and each step of the training plan will be slowly and gradually implemented at your pace. We will have a fortnightly online catch up, to help keep you on track and inbetween these catch up sessions, you will also have full support and coaching from me to help you along the way. If you purchase my puppy package, you will get lots of useful advice and information prior to buying your puppy as well as access to my 5 week puppy classes, based in Fishponds, Bristol. (if you do not want to include the puppy classes, £85 will be deducted from the price) 

What if I purchase the Puppy Package and then decide after the consultation that a puppy is not for me?
That is absolutely fine, it is a big step choosing a puppy. You will be get a refund of the cost, minus the initial consultation fee of £100

Where are the group classes held each week?
The Puppy and Teen/Adult classes are every Saturday at 9am and 10am at Stapleton Brook, Wickham View, Stapleton, Bristol
Wednesday Hoopers are at 6.30pm at The All Saints Church, Grove Road, Fishponds, Bristol
Saturday Hoopers are at 11.00am at Stapleton Brook, Wickham View, Stapleton, Bristol

Are the classes fixed dates?
No, they are rolling classes, this means that you can book onto the dates which suit you

Are the classes weather dependant?
Classes will always go ahead unless there is a severe weather warning, strong winds or extreme heat. 

What if I am unable to attend a class due to illness?
Unfortunately I am unable to move last minute cancellations to another date, however if I receive 48 hours notice this may be possible.

What if my dog is poorly? can I still come?
If your dog is poorly, they will need to stay at home. A poorly dog will be a grumpy dog and will time to rest and recharge and will be in the interest of others that you keep your dog home, to prevent any illness from spreading.

What happens if my female dogs comes into season during the group classes?
You will be able to use your sessions at a later date

Can I bring my family to the group classes?
Yes you can, it is extremely beneficial that all of the family are using the same types of training, it helps with bonding and consistency. Please ensure that children stay with you and do not go into any other dogs working area. Each area will be clearly marked to allow enough space between you and the other dogs in the class.

What if my dog is anxious?
All dogs will have adequate space away from the other dogs in class. It is absolutely normal for some dogs to feel a bit overwhelmed at first, and I will help them with some gentle sniffing and nosework exercises. Sniffing always helps to relieve stress and noses on the floor will help to avoid any conflict or worry too.