Debs is a qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Dog Trainer. She has been training and working with dogs since 2009 in the Bristol and surrounding areas. 

Debs has a Degree in Animal Training and Behaviour and is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist Provisional Member with APBC, currently working and building her experience with more in-depth and complex cases, working with a variety of different species in order to gain full membership with APBC as well as being accredited and certified dog trainer with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and The Dog Training College and Professional Dog Business UK. Debs is a Certified SA Pro Trainer, Mentored by Julie Naismith who specialises in Separation Anxiety and Canine Hoopers World Instructor.
Debs continues to learn and keep up to date with her science based positive reinforcement and force free methods by regularly attending training courses and webinars with APBC, IMDT, Fenzi, Susan Garrett, Simone Mueller, Canine Hoopers UK and The Dog Training College and recently mentored by Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor.

Debs is able to provide help and support with complex behaviour problems through her 1:1 behaviour service, working collaboratively with other professionals such as veterinary surgeons and physiotherapists, creating a holistic and ethical plan to help your dog.

If it is not a behaviour problem, but you just need a some help and guidance to support some training which you might be struggling with, the basic 1:1 training package or my group or puppy classes may be suitable for your dog and are just what you are looking for, and at a cost which isn't going to break the bank.

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Upcoming Training Classes

My Classes are fun and unique, if you want to try something different, then these are for you.
Simple games which you can take out on your walks and use at home. You will learn how to get your dog to focus and engagement, recall, loose lead as well as what your dogs love the most - Scent Work Week.
These classes are suitable from puppies all the way through to elderly. 

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1-2-1 Training and Behaviour Packages

Click to view the packages and what these cover

1:1 Hoopers Training

Hoopers is a Low Impact Fun Sport
Suitable for Dogs from 6 Months 
All Dogs, All Breeds, All Sizes, All Abilities

Packages of 4 x 45min Session or
Individual 45 minute Sessions

1:1 Scent Work Training

Would you like to learn how Detect Scent, Trail & Track.
I offer 4 session packages or you have the choice of individual sessions.


1:1 Recall Training

Recall Packages or Individual Sessions
To Help With Your Dogs Recall.
No More Chasing Squirrels
Focus On You
Making Your Walks Enjoyable Again

Puppy Package

My Online & In Person Puppy Package will give you amazing exceptional advice. 
Whether you are at the stage where you are ready to choose a breed or breeder, or 
if you have just welcomed a puppy into your house and would like some help to get you through the next few weeks.
You will get my Full Support and Guidance
Training Videos and Handouts to help you with the basic puppy training
As well as an option to 5 Sessions of puppy classes 


Frequently asked questions

On our FAQ page we have listed some of the most common questions that we get asked. 

If you have a question that are not displayed on our FAQ page, please get in touch via our contact page.  

Services and CPD

Choosing the right Dog Trainer and Behaviourist is really difficult, with so many to choose from, it is hard to understand who the force free trainers actually are, as unfortunately Dog Trainers and Behaviourists are still not currently regulated in the UK,  there are a few fab organisations which ensure that their members are recognised such as IMDT, PACT, APBC, APTC, and there are probably a few more to mention too, such as Canine Hoopers UK and Gun Dog Academys who train in sports. I could go on.
Which is why I have listed my qualifications, My CPD for last couple of years and who I am accredited with, so that you can clearly see my credentials.

My experience, qualifications and accreditations will mean that I have thoroughly been interviewed, assessed and continue to 30 hours CPD each year to maintain my memberships. This ensures that I am fully up to date with the current legislations, science based methods, and force free ways of learning. This ensures that your dogs will not only be treated kindly and ethically, but they will be taught or their behaviour modified using kind and gentle approaches, ensuring that your dogs welfare is always at centre and most important point part of any training or behaviour modification that I do.  I will only use force free and positive reinforcement. This is not only ethical and kind, it ensures that a good solid relationship and understanding is created between owner and dog without having to use harsh and unnecessary tools to correct 'BAD' behaviour. 
Still not sure what would be best for you and your dog, why dont you take a look at my services which are currently on offer.

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